Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Movie Trailer Premier

P3T6_Forgotten Message from Kapaa Middle School MEDIA on Vimeo.

Guys! We have a new project..... we're making a movie trailer! This project is yet again collaborated in groups. In my group there is Chelsea, Emily, and me. For this project we first jotted down some ideas that we could use and then we had an idea to put in a little bit of all our ideas together. The result of this idea turned out really good. After finalizing the details we named our Movie Trailer, "Forgotten Message". Our trailer is based off of a mystery, stranded, afraid type of theme that we were going for. Our movie trailer is about three girls getting stranded on an island and finding a mysterious looking bottle that might help them in their situation... who knows what's bound to happen. For this project, I have contributed to my team by finishing the composition techniques and finishing what happens in each scene. It was hard at first because I didn't really have a clue on what to do, but with asking a little help from my team, I managed to figure things out and come up with ideas.

Although this project is fun and great to be able to communicate with my classmates more, there were some ups and downs during the project. For this project, the challenge that me and my team came across was the difficulty of putting all of the scenes, audio, and music together to make it compatible and better to understand. It was difficult for us because our audio was a little off timing with some of the scenes and we couldn't really find good music that would match our movie trailer. Besides the challenges that we came across during this project, there were also some successes. One of our biggest successes was working as a team and helping each other throughout the project. We were able to communicate with each other and give each other jobs to work on, so that we were all productive during the project. The other big success that we had was being able to finish our trailer with a good understatement about what is happening and great, clean quality. I think that this was another success for us because we were able to film all of our scenes and audio and it turned out great, we had to fix some things to make it better to understand, but it helped better understand what was happening. Also, after editing everything, everything kinda just fell in place and turned out to be a great trailer!

The results that we received from our class were understandable because we were able to finish the trailer with great work and from our results, great creativity. It wasn't as good as we planned it to be, but it had most of the expectations that were needed. Besides not wanting it to be what we planned, it was able to make people laugh and fun to watch. It was also fun to watch the other GT student's trailers. They were all fun to watch and had a great amount of creativity. I was able to connect with most trailers and visualize myself as one of the characters. All trailers were so good that I would actually want to watch the movie! During this project I learned many things. One of the many things I learned is that, to make one trailer, it involves many scheduling and re-doing many audios or scenes to make better. Another one of the many things that I learned is that it takes time to make one successful trailer to publish for an upcoming movie. Overall, my team and other teams did a great job making these creative trailers and hopefully you'll have a fun time watching them!

Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Metamorphosis Animation

P3T9 Metamorphosis from Kapaa Middle School MEDIA on Vimeo.

 Hey guys! We have a new project called "Metamorphosis Animation". Me and my team Ashton, Anaya, and I have decided to go with our top two focus statement ideas. Our first idea from our top two was "Kat Respects Community" and the second idea was "Giraffe Conquers Heights". From those two, "Giraffe Conquers Heights" was approved. After that, we came up with a goal for my team to accomplish. The goal was to be able to finish every scene that includes high quality, good details, and clarity. For our project, we used/filmed on whiteboard, photoshop, and stop motion.

  Our focus statement is about how to be able to realize things when unusual things happen, be confident in yourself, considering what's good and what's bad for you, and having the courage to be able to overcome your fears.
Each scene is about how George is a step closer to overcoming his fear of heights. But as going further into these steps, he comes across to a problem where he turns into a cliff thinking that it was on purpose and that he got tricked. Eventually, he realizes that turning into a cliff is how to overcome his fear. Because he is a cliff, he's always going to have look down at the ground every day, constantly and realize that it's not that difficult to get rid of his fear of heights. As that progresses, he eventually turns back into a giraffe and has his fear overcomed! There may have been several problems along the way, but through it all you can succeed what you've wanted to accomplished, or in George's case, overcome his fear of heights!

  Our result was understandable. It was understandable because during the project, my team and I came to a few problems with communicating with each other.  Because of that we kind of just fell behind causing our animation to not meet the goal we had planned. But, towards the ending of our project we were able to communicate better and work better on the animation. Overall, we weren't able to get our project to meet the goal we had, but on the bright side, everyone else's animations were fun to watch and recommend you to watch them!

Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Geometric Portraits

Guys! We have a new project. This project is different from the previous ones. So this project involves 3D computer graphics. The project is called Low Poly Portraits. We are also researching information and facts about facial expressions, like anger, sadness, disgust, joy, ext. Hopefully you will be able to learn a few things from this project!

Are facial expressions universal? Facial expressions aren't universal because a new study suggests that some facial expressions may not be so universal. In fact, several expressions commonly understood in the West—including one for fear—have very different meanings to one indigenous, isolated society in Papua New Guinea. There has been many other studies shown that facial expressions that aren't universal, but some are still not confirmed.

How did I create this project? First, I took a photo of my friend Anaya. Make sure that you have your camera vertically not horizontally and also make sure that you take it outside so there is good lighting. Don't put it right above you so that it doesn't look like a spotlight. Then, you use the shortcuts L for the polygonal lasso, I for the eye dropper, and alt delete to color in the shape you have selected. You also have to make sure that before you get into the details like the eyes or mouth or nose, fill in the bigger parts of your subject, especially if they are wearing glasses or a hat or something. Then once you're finished you can show the awesome job that you have accomplished.

My Poly 1 and 2 images has many differences and similarities. Some of the differences in my poly 1 and 2 was that they were both different types of low poly project. My poly 1 looks more high quality than my poly 2 because I only had a couple of days to finish it. For both of the poly's that I made, I like them both equally, but more with my poly 2 because it looks like my friend Anaya, while in my poly 1 it didn't really turn out looking like me. Some of the similarities were that I made good triangular shapes in both of my poly's and that they both kind of look realistic, besides some of the missed details like the mouth or the nose. Another similarity was that they both really look the same not any different besides it being different types of low poly.

Thursday, September 29, 2016

Verbal Landscapes

Hey everyone! We now have a new project based on Slo-mo's and Time-lapses. We have to take regular videos and then take it to class to edit them into a SM and a TL. We can customize them however we want, but it needs to have clarity in it to make it a high quality project. The project requires 3 Time-lapses and 2 Slo-Mos. We can also do some more if we want to.

How does nature impact my life? Nature impacts my life in many ways. It helps me see, hear, smell, and touch many types of creations in the world. Nature is every where surrounding you and everyone else. I can see and hear the waves crashing onto the shore while I feel the wind brushing off my face and hair. I can touch the flowers, sand, dirt, and leaves around me. I can also smell the pollen that bees leave on flowers. Nature is beauty to everyone's eyes. I love the way how nature can express its feelings by just being itself. Nature is a place where you can just calm down, relax, and enjoy the view.

How are Time-lapses and Slo-mo's created? First of all you would need to take the videos on a camera or other electronic devices. You can do either one, but I advice you to take the video on a camera so that it'll be easier to transfer it to your computer or laptop. For a Time-lapse you can take the video for 5 minutes or longer and for a Slo-mo you can take the video around 5-8 seconds. If you use a phone or any other electrical device and have a Google account you can transfer it there, but it'll take all the storage you have and it'll also take a long time, depending on how long the video is. If you use a camera then you can just transfer the card from the camera into your computer or laptop. Then you click on the "NO NAME" file in your "Finder" and click on "PRIVATE". After that, you move it into the file that you want to put it in. You can then import it to FCPX. Make sure that when you're done importing it you go to "Finder" and click on the button by the one that says "NO NAME" that looks like a triangle and a line underneath it. By doing that, you'll be able to take the card out. If you are borrowing the camera from a teacher or a friend, make sure to format it so that it'll erase the data the that you had in the camera. Then, you go back to FCPX to edit the video(s). You drag the videos down so that you can actually edit them. For making both SM and TL you click on the button that looks like the time is changing clock wise. For a Time-lapse you click on the fast option where it shows you some options you can select from. For a Slo-Mo you click on the slow option where it shows you some other options you can select from as well. They both also have "Customs..." as one of the options. You can also put in words to go with your videos to make it look like a high quality project.

What was the hardest and favorite part of the project? Well, I think that the hardest part of the project is probably editing the videos with the music and poem because I have to make sure that the whole project is 1 minute or less than and it also has to match with everything that you have going on. It's also hard for me because I have to make sure that my videos are based on nature and that it has to be in slow motion and time lapse with high quality, meaning there's no moving of the camera or light changes during the videos. Probably, my favorite part of the project is sharing it with my class and you guys. It's my favorite part because I want to show you guys another achievement I have succeeded in this class. Also because I want to know how I could do better or if they're any suggestions that you guys would want me to change.

After the video critique I got thirteen developing and fourteen accomplishments. I agree with my scores because I've met the requirements for the grade, but I could improve on some things that were
noticeable in my video. Some of the things I could improve with my video is by making my horizon line a little bit more straight and not move my camera as much. Also, I could've re-taken some of the videos to make it better than what I had from before. I wanted to also re-take my poem so that it'll sound more clearer and because I also stuttered on some of the words.

Friday, September 2, 2016

Poetic Personal Statement

  Hey everyone! for this blog I will be explaining "what I think poetry is & what it's used for?"
I think that poetry is a way for people to express their feelings and to give people a story. It is also a way to show people's imaginations and can be an inspiration to others.

It takes hours and hours of training to get a skill just right,
And only a few seconds to show what you've done, tonight
From flipping on a 4" beam to sticking a pass on floor,
When you know that it always ends up with your score,
Through courage and determination, with blood, sweat, and tears,
Yes, you might be in fears, but just know in the end there's always a cheer

I used rhythm and rhyme in my poem to make it sound interesting and inspiring to other people. It also shows the reader how much I love to do gymnastics. The reader can also see how I used some rhyming words at the end of each line and how it's kind of like a beat.